Every great product deserves a story. We bring the magic and the logic.

DCB Advisory.

Advisory, consultancy and research in the digital advertising space. Helping inject start-up like mentality and agile digital team structure to businesses. Deployment & training of in-house marketing teams.

DCB Beauty.

Q2 2021: DCB Lab Acquires Majority stake in Wonderskin, an emerging beauty brand with its own laboratory, award winning products and a spectacular growth story. The company is growing rapidly with the expansion into the UK and European markets, key retailers, and new skincare & cosmetic formulations.

DCB Homeware.

Q1 2019: DCB Lab acquired a Kitchenware Brand - Jean-Patrique, which was established in 1998 - with the goal to grow it’s digital and e-commerce footprint. The team’s passion for digital marketing was crossed over with our love for food and cooking to enable a phenomenal growth story.

DCB Ventures.

In 2020, DCB Ventures was founded by Michael Malinsky to invest in Early Stage Consumer Goods and Ad-Tech companies. Working at the cross-roads of Marketing, Brand Development and E-commerce gives our venture team a unique vantage point and the ability to support founders exceptionally well.

Investments today include:


We are a small group of marketers, data scientists and creative folk trained in brand, direct response, and agency disciplines. We try to break things until they work. We believe that the right Creative is absolutely the Key to a product’s success, but that success does not scale without data and a focus on ROI.

We combine theories and methods from psychology, affective sciences, and behavioural economics.

We investigate the role of factors such as values, emotions, bias, sentiment, social proof and frequency. Sometimes we publish our science. (To our clients and partners). All of the time we reinforce our thinking with this science in our daily choices, campaigns, investments, and communication.

In parallel, we continue to develop a proprietary Data & E-commerce platform that powers Advertising and Growth for our own consumer brands (OMNE Engine).

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